Customized Drone Platforms& Consulting Solutions


Drone Developer offers an intense six-week training and consulting program with everything you need to be successful developing custom drones for specific applications and missions. Below are the main reasons why you will be successful with this program:

  1. The right combination of weekly drone development training materials, computational design tools, and one-on-one consulting calls with Dr. Maldonado.
  2. Technical content created to be understood and implemented by those without an engineering degree, a college-level math and physics background is sufficient.
  3. Designed specifically for the development of cutting-edge fixed-wing drones and hybrid fixed-wing and rotorcraft drones up to 55 pounds takeoff weight.       

Unique drone training and consulting features:

3 weeks of UAV design & validation, 1 week of fabrication techniques, and 2 weeks of ground & flight testing:

Let's Fly...

This is a niche program that will get you on the fast track to developing your own in-house, unmanned aircraft, and customize drone platforms and services for streamlined solutions. We work directly with the client to develop optimal mission-specific drones by providing a six–week online training course and critical one-on-one consulting calls during the six-week program.

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